Release Notes

May 11, 2022

The #Stuntshow update is here! - Patch Notes

Maintenance and Optional Update (Android should be live around 10:00 UTC) - May 12

  • Fixed issues with Power Match/Power League filtering and scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where the spray VFX would appear on your own brawler when someone else in range would use a spray
  • Improved performance on low-end devices

Maintenance - May 4


  • Reduced duration of Residue by 10s (20→10s)


  • Power Surge now upgrades Surge 1 level (down from 2)
  • Slightly reduced his Party Tricks Super charge. Now it requires 3 main attacks after Party Tricks hits the target
  • Fixed a rare Club League bug that made players eligible for different Club League days

Optional Update - May 4

  • Fixed an issue that caused only owned Brawlers to show as bannable in competitive modes for non-leaders
  • Fixed a UI flickering issue in the emotes menu
  • Fixed a few issues with the daily login calendar

Maintenance - April 30

  • Found and fixed game-crashing issues (Server error 43)

Maintenance - April 29

  • Fixed a bug that made Bumper tiles available in Map Maker
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Surge to retain his temporary power level increase after takedown
  • Fixed a bug that made Surge spawn in unintended locations after gadget use
  • Fixed a bug with the ball going nuts after bouncing for too long

Next week, we’ll have an optional update to fix more UI bugs and other issues in Power Leagues (such as not allowing to ban Brawlers you don’t own).

New Brawlers


Janet is Stu’s adoptive daughter and she’s all about show business! She’s an acrobatic performer, singer, and the Starr of the Stunt Show!

  • Main Attack: High Note
    • Janet has a cone-shaped attack that gets longer and narrower the longer you hold the aim button
  • Super: Crescendo
    • Janet takes off and flies around for a short time. While in the air, she can still attack the enemy Brawlers on the ground
  • Gadget: Drop the Bass
    • Janet drops a loudspeaker that deals 100 damage per second in an area around it
  • Gadget: Backstage Pass
    • Janet’s next attack pushes her back a distance based on her main attack range
  • Star Power: Stage View
    • While flying, Janet reveals a large area of bushes around her
  • Star Power: Vocal Warm-Up
    • Janet's attack focuses 30% faster


Bonnie is Janet’s little sister and she’s a reckless and overly excited girl who’s famous in the park for her most daring trick, being shot from a cannon (named Clyde)! The danger the trick, the more she enjoys it!

She's an epic Brawler and has two different forms in matches:

Cannon form (default):

  • Main Attack: Loose Tooth
    • Shoots a tooth-shaped cannonball in a long-range single projectile
  • Super: Star Launcher
    • Bonnie launches herself from Clyde dealing damage on impact and changing forms

Bonnie form:

  • Main Attack: Bomber Jacket
    • Short-range quick bombs that do high damage
  • Super: Clyde
    • Switches back to Clyde
  • Gadget: Sugar Rush
    • Clyde's attack and movement speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Gadget: Crash Test
    • Bonnie dashes a short distance and knocks Brawlers back while dealing deals 300 damage
  • Star Power: Black Powder
    • Star Launcher has 36% longer range
  • Star Power: Wisdom Tooth
    • Clyde's attack shatters on hit and deals 25% damage per projectile

New Season! - The #Stuntshow

New Skins

The Stunt Show

  • Crash Test Darryl (Power League)
  • Biker Carl (Brawl Pass, Tier 1)
  • Pyro Spike
  • Monster Truck Meg

The Worst Bunch

  • Overlord Byron
  • Galaxy Storm Lola
  • Empress Bonnie


  • Daruma Mr.P (Golden Week)
  • Tempest Tara (Lantern Brawl event)
  • Valkyrie Janet (Brawl Pass, Tier 70)

True Silver/Gold

  • Belle
  • Stu
  • Ash
  • Meg
  • Lola

New Cosmetic: Sprays

  • Sprays are unlocked on the Trophy Road when reaching 200 Trophies. This also unlocks 3 Spray slots and gives three free Sprays.
  • A new Spray slot is unlocked at 650, 1300, and 1600 trophies.
  • New Sprays can be acquired through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, and the Shop.
  • They are equipped in the Brawler screen in a new tab next to the Pin selection, and the in-game use is the same as for the Pins.
  • Sprays are sprayed on the floor of the map. They are visible for all players and each player can only have one spray active at a time!
  • 35 Sprays will be available at launch, some of them including special in-game VFXs!

New Pins


  • Janet
  • Valkyrie Janet
  • Bonnie
  • Stunt Show Skin set
  • Golden Week Skin set
  • Golden Week freebies
  • The Worst Bunch Skin set
    • Overlord Byron
    • Galaxy Storm Lola
    • Empress Bonnie
  • Lantern Brawl Tara
  • Daruma Mr.P
  • Sakura Spike
  • Brawl Esports characters

Not Animated

  • Chaos Cup

Profile Icons

  • Power League (x2)
  • A new Brawler profile icon for each Trophy road Brawler (x12)
  • Skin specific profile icons in the shop (x4)

New Gadgets

  • Amber: Dancing Flames
    • Summons 3 fiery orbs that circle Amber. Each of them deals 500 damage when they pass through an enemy.
  • Jacky: Rebuild
    • Reconstructs destroyed terrains near Jacky
  • Meg: Toolbox
    • Meg drops a reload station that decreases reload time for Brawlers near it

Balance changes


  • Bibi Bibi saw a bit of resurgence in Payload, but that's about it. Increasing some of her stats should make her a viable pick in more maps and comps
    • Base HP increased from 4200 to 4400
    • Base damage increased from 1300 to 1400
  • Bo While we want to make more changes for Bo in the future, the first basic step is increasing his projectile speed to make his shots lightly easier to hit.
    • Projectile speed on basic attack increased about 7%
  • Griff Griff feels quite bad to play without keep the change, and it's the obvious choice. Tuning it down, but increasing base unload should allow for players to have a more interesting decisions when choosing what Star Power to bring, and also make him feel better without the Star Power.
    • Keep the change: 35→ 25% increased speed
    • Increased baseline unloads by 50ms. Griff can now unload his ammo faster without the Star Power. With the Star Power, it’s the same as before
    • Business Resilience: 10→ 15% missing health
  • Lou The removal of Siege has melted Lou’s dreams of glory. Making Supercool baseline was a good first move, but also changing Hypothermia’s mechanics was needed for the Star Power to be able to compete. This should not only help Lou at all power levels, but also make the Star Power choice interesting
    • Supercool is now a baseline ability, but at a 90% effectiveness.
    • New Supercool increases freezing by 33%, a net 20% gain from old values.
    • New Hypothermia Star Power decreases the enemy’s damage the more frozen they are. Can go up to 50%.
  • Squeak Squeaks gadgets were about as useful as a chewed up dog toy. Now both of them provides some benefit and should provide more options based on the strategy you want to use with Squeak
    • Windup now also increases the damage of the next attack by 50%
    • Residue now lasts 5 seconds longer (15→ 20s), also leaves a slowing zone in addition to giving vision



Spike has been very versatile for a long period of time, and a big reason for this is his Life Plant Gadget which holds way too much value and nullifies a lot of Brawlers. Reducing the HP significantly allows more Brawlers to take him on

  • Life Plant: HP reduced from 3500 to 1750


Byron has flown under the radar for a while without changes, and has crept up in power slowly due to the meta fitting him very well. While he is not out of line, his super was too easy to get, so now byrons have to work a bit harder to get there.

  • Reduced Super charge from 3 to 4 basic attacks


No matter the kicking and screaming, Fang has to be toned down. His team wipe potential is unparallelled, combined with SP resetting his super on pet kills AND the stun, he has been a force to be reckoned with. He is now more vulnerable when he dives in, and also does not have the upfront burst to the same degree.

  • Base HP reduced from 4500 to 4300
  • Super damage reduced from 1200 to 1000
  • Roundhouse Kick stun duration reduced from 1s to 0,5s
  • Fresh Kicks no longer resets his super on pet kills


Eve has been extremely strong, even after the range nerf. While her second SP is problematic, she's also very strong without it. Hitting her across the board should make her much more in line of where she needs to be

  • Projectile speed decreased from 3700 to 3500
  • Base HP decreased from 3000 to 2900
  • Base damage decreased from 400 to 370


Gale has also seen better times as of late, largely thanks to Fang being strong (and gale being a very good counter), but also because blustery blow allowed for chain stunning other Brawlers at times. Tuning down the stun duration slightly will make sure that other Brawlers will have time to fight back.

  • Blustery Blow stun duration reduced from 1.5s to 1.25s (shown as 1.3 in-game due to rounding)



So as we theorized new Gadgets, we realized that nothing we can make could compete with teleport, and playing Surge without teleport feels really bad. Not wanting to have a Brawler to rely on a Gadget to be viable, reworking Surge’s entire kit felt like the right option for us. He should now feel better at all levels of play, and the Gadgets should provide a very interesting choice for players

  • Teleport Gadget removed
  • Now he can also jump a short distance when using his Super
  • Gadget 1 - Power Surge - Increases surges upgrade level by 2 for 10 seconds
  • Gadget 2 - Power Shield - From the next incoming hit within 5 seconds, Surge consumes 80% of the damage and uses the energy to reload 3 ammo

Resistance Gear

  • The Resistance Gear now has changed to Vision Gear.
  • It reveals opponents for x seconds after dealing damage to them


  • Golden Week
  • Crash Test - Reward: Spray
  • Unthemed Challenge - Reward: Spray


  • Quest rerolls
    • After rerolling you can’t get the same Brawler/Game mode quest or same criteria (heal/damage/win…)
    • The reward will be equivalent to the discarded quest
    • Not usable for special quests, only for seasonal and daily quests
    • Brawl Pass gives 2 additional rerolls/week (from 1 to 3!)
    • Refreshes weekly
  • New Quest Types
    • Hot Zone: "Stay in a Hot Zone for x seconds"
    • Heist: "Deal X damage to the Safe"
    • Bounty: "Finish X matches with 4 or more Stars"
    • Gem Grab: "Carry 3 or more Gems for X seconds"
    • Knockout: "Survive X rounds"
    • Brawl Ball: "Pass the ball X times"
    • Showdown: "Collect X Power Cubes"
  • New Quests with direct rewards (such as coins, power points, pins, and more)
  • Quests now favor low Trophy Brawlers

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • New Seasonal Game Mode: Bot Drop (3v3)
    • This new mode combines PvP and PvE elements
    • Players fight against a bot invasion - destroy the bots and collect bolts!
    • The team to collect 8 bolts wins the match!
    • 7 New Maps:
      • Devolution
      • Val Verde
      • Brawl of the Worlds
      • Bots Attack!
      • Departure
      • The Bot
      • A Loud Place
  • New Map Tile: Bumper
    • Brawl Ball specific tile
    • Bounces the ball if shot into, just like a pinball bumper
  • Map Pool Changes
    • Hot Zone
      • Removed
        • Double Sided
        • Open Business
      • Added
        • Split
        • Open Zone (New)
    • Knockout
      • Removed
        • Splash Out
        • Flowing Springs
      • Added
        • New Perspective (New)
        • X Marks the Spot (New)
    • Gem Grab
      • Removed
        • Bouncing Diner
        • Cross Cut
      • Added
        • Spring Trap
        • Deep Diner
    • Brawl Ball
      • Removed
        • Coarse Course
        • Hairdryer Treatment
      • Added
        • Extra Bouncy (New) incl. new Bouncer Tile
        • High Score (New) incl. new Bouncer Tile
        • Ping Pong (New) incl. new Bouncer Tile - Only available in Friendly rooms!
    • Bounty
      • Removed
        • Deeper Danger
        • Bull Pen
      • Added
        • Canal Grande
        • Snake Prairie
    • Heist
      • Removed
        • Bridge Too Far
        • Twisted Gems
        • Forks Out
      • Added
        • Kaboom Canyon
        • Rolling Rumble
        • Can't touch this (New)
    • Showdown
      • Removed
        • The Mortuary
        • Hot Maze
      • Added
        • Flying Fantasies
        • Grassy Gorge

  • Power League/Club League Rotation
    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Snake Prairie
    • Brawl Ball: Super Beach, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields
    • Gem Grab: Hardrock Mine, Chill Space, Double Swoosh
    • Heist: Hot Potato, Safe Zone, Can't Touch This (New)
    • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Open Zone (New)
    • Knockout: Belle's Rock, Goldarm Gulch, X Marks the Spot (New)

Map Environment Changes

  • New: The Stunt Show
  • Re-added: The Starr Force
  • Removed: Biodome
  • Removed: Year of the Tiger

Login calendar (only for new accounts)

  • New 14-day Login Calendar for New Players
  • Unlocks at 40 trophies
  • Players have to log in daily to claim all rewards, skipping a day ends the calendar
  • Rewards
    • Day 0: Skin (Bandita Shelly)
    • Day 1: Super Rare Brawler (Choice: Darryl or Penny)
    • Day 2: Upgrade to Power 5
    • Day 3: Pin (Common)
    • Day 4: Upgrade to Power 7
    • Day 5: Skin (Football Darryl or Bunny Penny)
    • Day 6: Gadget (Choice between both Brawler Gadgets)
    • Day 7: Pin (Common)
    • Day 8: Upgrade to Power 8
    • Day 9: Pin (Common)
    • Day 10: Upgrade to Power 9
    • Day 11: Pin x 2 (Rare)
    • Day 12: Star Power (Choice between both Brawler Star Powers)
    • Day 13: Pin x 2 (Epic)
    • Day 14: Epic Brawler (Choice: Edgar or Griff)
  • Fallback rewards in case a player unlocked one of the rewards already (Big Box)

Power League

  • Additional Bans
    • Every player now bans 1 Brawler during the ban phase
    • If no Brawler is picked at the end of the timer, a random Brawler will be banned
    • Within a team there are no duplicate bans, i.e. a total of 3-6 Brawlers will be banned for each game
  • Players now also need to own at least 12 Brawlers, in addition, to unlock Power League from trophy road due to the increased amount of bans
  • Improved Team balancing for Solo Queue based on Power League Ranks
  • Winning 2 matches without losing should now give you more progress than before (this is only applied to Rank Diamond III and below. Mythic I and above will remain the same)
    • The penalty from losing 2 matches in a row was removed. This also only applies to Rank Diamond III and below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where golden ticket assets were still visible in some locations
  • Fixed an issue with Byron's voice lines
  • Fixed an issue with Esport pins (Rosa Player, etc.) not being usable in chat
  • Fixed an issue with Mantis Rosa VFX
  • Fixed an issue with shooting manually at the same location while moving perpendicular would cause the second shot to fire in the wrong direction
  • Fixed an issue with Bea VFX causing her to lose the charged shot visual after using super
  • Fixed an issue where Buzz would charge his super in the freeze-frame after a goal was scored in Brawl Ball
  • Fixed an issue where Bibi's knockback attack is canceled but the visual remained
  • Fixed an issue where Underdog draws would not award underdog trophies
  • Fixed an issue where friends that were not clubmates showed as Bronze I in PL
  • Fixed an issue where bonus damage from Groms' X Factor Star Power would give more supercharge
  • Fixed an issue where Ivy Belle would not have long enough impact VFX on basic attacks


  • Pins coming with special Skins are now directly granted after purchase and don't have to be claimed from the Shop anymore