Release Notes

Mar 15, 2022

Supercell MAKE is back!

Supercell MAKE is now 2D!

Supercell MAKE is back!

…And different!

For context: Supercell MAKE is a platform that allows artists to submit their skin ideas to us so we can pick one of them to implement in Brawl Stars! Now, after going through lots of feedback, both from you and internally, we decided to try something different that we believe will make more sense for our community. Supercell MAKE is now 2D!

This means making a 3D concept of your idea is no longer required, so more artists will be able to participate, especially the Brawl fan artists who are already creating amazing pieces every day. The most important thing now is the idea of your skin. Of course, the better you present it, the higher your chances to win!

Together with this, we’ve also changed:

  • Voting
    • Downvoting is now removed
    • Interface/UI is now smoother
    • The number of votes disappears after 1000 votes
    • Voting only starts after the submission phase is closed
  • Guidelines
    • They are now clearer!
    • And now adapted to 2D
  • Upload Page
    • It’s now more informative
    • Better feedback for the artist (ensures their submission has gone forward)
  • Rewards
    • The total prize money has decreased to justify the lower entry level
    • They are a lot clearer now on the website

The first campaign is already in place and we’ll start with a big community request: EMZ! Her campaign will be around “What if Emz was a Pop-star?” Is she a K-Pop Singer? Or part of the SPIKE GIRLS? Or Oops… Emz did it again? It’s up to you to imagine and create!

Read everything you need on
Submission starts on the 21st of March!

Have a great creation!
- The Brawl Team