Release Notes

Sep 18, 2022

#RobotFactory - Release Notes!

Maintenance 19/09

  • Otis
    • Improved basic attack from 420 to 460 damage per projectile
    • Super: Added dot damage that does 340 base damage per tick (3 without the Stencil Glue Star Power, 4 with it)
  • Surge
    • Power Shield - Now restores 2 ammo instead of 3
  • Gus
    • Improved basic attack from 920 to 940 damage
    • Super - Now charges with 4 attacks instead of 5
    • Improved reload speed by around 7%
  • Stu
    • Base HP - 2800 → 2900
    • Breakthrough - Using the gadget no longer charges Stu's Super
  • Fixed some of the Battle Log entries for the Last Stand game mode
  • Fixed a server issue happening to some players when playing Otis

Optional Update - (if it's unavailable, wait a while and reload your store page!)

  • Improved performance on lower-end devices
  • Fixed a few Pin visual effects
  • Fixed a few broken Shop layouts
  • Fixed DJ 3.M.Z main attack VFX
  • Fixed the freeze frame issues when some Brawlers were using their Supers
  • Fixed a few minor bugs related to the new season

New Brawlers


Sam is the new chromatic Brawler of the season, and he’s the brawn behind the brains of the Goldarm Gang! He also has some personal beef with all the robots in Starr Park.

  • Trait: Sam starts with a fully charged Super.
  • Main Attack: Heavy Haymakers
    • He unleashes a double dose of hard-hitting punches that deal a lot more damage when wearing his Knuckle Busters.
  • Super: Knuckle Busters
    • Sam combines and shoots his gloves forward, dealing damage to all enemies on their way. Using the Super again, will call his gloves back and damage enemies on the way back.
  • Gadget 1: Magnetic Field
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground, Sam can activate them to pull in nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Pulse Repellent
    • Upon landing on the ground, Sam’s next deployed Knuckle Busters releases an electric pulse that knocks back enemies
  • Star Power 1: Hearty Recovery
    • Upon recalling his Knuckle Busters, Sam instantly recovers 30% of his health.
  • Star Power 2: Remote Charge
    • While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground and near enemies, they will charge up Sam’s Super

GUS (Will be released in late September)

New Super Rare Brawler! Gus is a mysterious kid who loves crafting animal-shaped balloons that keep himself company.

  • Main Attack: Loony Balloons
    • Gus shoots empty balloons that capture part of the enemies' souls. Each successive hit fills a bar, and once the bar is filled, the next shot will leave a spirit on the map that can heal allies and himself. He can leave multiple ghosts on the map.
  • Super: Spooky Boy
    • Gus can either shoot his balloon dog, Spooky, to create a shield around an ally or use it to himself.
  • Gadget 1: Kooky Popper
    • Explodes all uncollected spirits, dealing 1800 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Gadget 2: Soul Switcher
    • Gus loses 30% of his health to fill his bar instantly.
  • Star Power 1: Health Bonanza
    • Healed gained from the spirits is increased by 100%.
  • Star Power 2: Spirit Animal
    • Spooky also increases the damage for an ally by 25% for 5 seconds.

New Season! - The #RobotFactory

New Skins

  • Desperado Poco (Brawl Pass tier 1)
  • Lawless Lola (Power League)
  • Crowbone
  • Caesar Sam (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • Trick or Treat Leon
  • Stonks Pam
  • Moon Bunny Squeak - Moon Festival Skin
  • Mecha Mortis -(299) if bought during the first month, it Includes a set of 9 animated pins + profile picture + spray.
    • Light Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.
    • Dark Mecha Mortis (49 gems) - Purchase option unlocked after getting Mecha Mortis.

True Silver/Gold

  • Otis
  • Squeak
  • Byron
  • Griff
  • Edgar

New Gadgets


  • Coin Shower
    • Griff's next Coin Toss shoots 33% more coins.


  • X-Ray-Shades
    • Buzz can see into bushes in his Supercharge area for 12 seconds.

New Animated Pins

  • Esports pins (9)
  • Brawl-o-Ween Pins (5)
  • Sam & Caesar Sam (9+9)
  • Gus (9)
  • New Skin Pins (12)
    • Moon Bunny Squeak, Trick or Treat Leon, Stonks Pam, CrowBone, Lawless Lola, Desperado Poco, Mecha Crow (3), Mecha Bo (3)
  • Mecha Mortis (9)
  • New Special Pins for Brawlers (10)
    • Nita, Bibi, Colette, Spike, Brock, Rico, Gale, Max, Mr.P, Jessie

New Sprays

  • Epic Brawlers’ sprays (x10)
  • Challenge Sprays (x3)
  • Brawl Pass Sprays (x2)
  • Mecha Mortis Spray
  • BSC Spray

New Profile Icons

  • Power League (x2)
  • Esports
  • Robots (x4)
  • Challenges (x4)
  • Mecha Mortis (x1)
  • Calamity Gang (x1)

Game Modes, Maps & Rotation Changes

New Weekend PvE Mode: 8-Bit's Last Stand

  • Defend 8-Bit with your team against waves of enemies and survive as long as you can.
  • Collect coins to ensure 8-Bit is awake and ready to fight by your side!
  • All bots have been remodeled!

Map Pool

  • Hot Zone
    • Open Zone
    • Ring of Fire
    • Dueling Beetles
    • Quarter Pounder
    • Controller Chaos
    • Parallel Plays
    • Split
  • Knockout
    • Goldarm Gulch
    • Out in the Open
    • Belle's Rock
    • New Perspective
    • X Marks the Spot
    • Flaring Phoenix
    • Riverside
  • Gem Grab
    • Hard Rock Mine
    • Double Swoosh
    • Crystal Arcade
    • Gem Fort
    • Undermine
    • Deep Diner
    • Minecart Madness
  • Brawl Ball
    • Backyard Bowl
    • Center Stage
    • Beach Ball
    • Super Beach
    • Pinhole Punt
    • Sunny Soccer
    • Sneaky Fields
  • Bounty
    • Layer Cake
    • Shooting Star
    • Canal Grande
    • Temple Ruins
    • Dry Season
    • Hideout
    • Excel
  • Heist
    • Safe Zone
    • Hot Potato
    • Kaboom Canyon
    • Snaked Assault
    • Tornado Ring
    • Bridge Too Far
    • Pit Stop
  • Showdown
    • Dark Passage
    • Acid Lakes
    • Feast or Famine
    • Cavern Churn
    • Skull Creek
    • Scorched Stone
    • Double Trouble

Power League/Club League Rotation

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Super Beach, Pinhole Punt, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Crystal Arcade
  • Heist: Pit Stop, Safe Zone, Bridge Too Far
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Open Zone
  • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Belle's Rock

Removed Siege from the game (including Friendly rooms).

Map Environment Changes


  • The Robot Factory (also available in Showdown!)


  • Stunt Show
  • Tara's Bazaar
  • Deep Sea Brawl
  • The Starr Force
  • Scrapyard (Siege only)


  • Game mode challenges for Bounty, Gem Grab, and Heist.
  • And more!

Power League

Swap Brawler

  • You can now swap Brawlers at the end of the Pick/Ban phase for Power League and Club League matches!
  • Swapping is only available for owned Brawlers.
  • When Swapping a Brawler, you’ll use your own Power Level, Gadgets, and Star Powers

Power League Skins

  • Power League skins will, once again, follow the seasonal theme, (yay!)
  • If you unlocked a Power League skin during the season, you will still be able to purchase it for Star Points at a later point in time!
  • Reminder: as communicated earlier this year, Power League skins will now be occasionally available for Gems (149 Gems) 12 months after the Season ends, for everyone!

Trophy League

We've heard your feedback about the 4-week cycle of the Trophy League season reset and decay, and after some internal discussions, we agreed the problem is getting more and more emphasized due to the addition of new Brawlers. These are the changes in the upcoming update:

  • We're changing the season reset to follow the Brawl Pass season (~7-9 weeks) for the time being to evaluate the impact.
  • We'll run additional Star Point Quests and Challenges throughout the season to compensate for the potential loss of Star Points!!

Once we've evaluated the results from this "experiment", we will make a decision if/how we'll change this system in the future, but we hope the extended seasonal cycle will remove some of the pressure you feel and allow you to push trophies higher than ever before.


In anticipation of upcoming Gear changes (see more in Brawl Talk) in October, we've reduced the crafting cost for Gears in this update:

  • Power 1: 1 Gear Token + 40 Scrap
  • Power 2: 1 Gear Token + 100 Scrap
  • Power 3: 2 Gear Token + 200 Scrap

Balance Changes



  • Base HP - 4200 → 4400

Our favorite lifeguard has had some issues guarding his own life, so we gave him some more HP to allow him to stay in the fray for a bit longer.


  • Main attack - Damage - 700 → 800

Poco has not been a go-to Brawler for quite a while. While his healing is decent, he needs to be a bit more of a threat by himself to be able to duke it out with other Brawlers.


  • Main attack - Damage - 880 → 960
  • Main attack - Super charge - 6 → 5 hits

Nita and Bruce have been out of the limelight for quite a while. Playing Nita without Bruce doesn’t feel too good, so we're buffing her slightly along with making it easier to summon Bruce.


  • Gadget - Stunt Double - Healing - 350 → 1000
  • Gadget - Freeze Frame - Shield 75% → 50%

The freeze frame has been a bit too powerful as a shield for Lola and her team. While it should be strong, it currently takes way too much to defeat and allows for too much pressure. Tuning it down and tuning Stunt Double up should allow for a better choice between Gadgets.


  • Main attack - Damage - 1160 → 1240

Jacky has had a hard time defeating other brawlers even when closing the distance. This makes her more deadly once she does reach her target.


  • Main attack - Super charge - 8 → 7 hits

Meg's previous nerfs saw her play rate plummet. Reverting half of the previous nerfs should allow for her to be more balanced and make her a solid pick.



  • Base HP - 3800 → 3600

Penny has been doing really well even after her previous changes. While she is not too oppressive, she's a bit too tanky for the pressure she can assert, so we’re tuning her durability down slightly.


  • Base HP - 4400 → 4000

Carl, much like Penny, has had a really good time as of late. His main projectile is now highly deadly, so he becomes more of a tanky sniper, which in general is a dangerous design. Tuning down his HP means it's easier to duel him at range, and also when closing the gap (but watch out for his Super!)


  • Gadget - Slowing toxin - 5 → 3 sec


  • Clyde - Base HP - 5200 → 4800

Bonnie (specifically Clyde) is a bit too tanky in sniper form, so we are tuning her HP down slightly to make sure that closing the distance allows brawlers to take her down more effectively.


  • Base HP - 3600 → 3400
  • Main attack - Super charge - 5 → 6 hits

Janet has been a great nuisance, and while her super isn't very effective offensively, it allows her to play very aggressively and get out of any situation. Increasing the time interval where she can play like this allows for more counterplay, along with an HP nerf that allows her to get burst easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Power League Freezes and Crashes
  • Fixed the voice line played when unlocking Otis.
  • Fixed a bunch of minor localization issues.


  • Updated Brawler bio for Colonel Ruffs