Release Notes

Dec 16, 2020

Optional Update & Fixes

Optional Update

If the optional update is not available on your App/Google Store. Please, try to refresh it again in 30 minutes.

  • Fixed Social Quests disappearing from the Quests menu if they were the only Seasonal Quest available for the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused controls to become unresponsive in the Training Room when selecting Edit Controls from the Settings menu
  • Fixed an emoji related crash that happened for players leaving and re-joining a game room
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some battle music to be played correctly
  • Fixed a line break text issue with Mascot Darryl
  • Fixed game crashing on launch on iOS 9 devices (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed Brawl Ball overtime crash issue (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed missing Brawlidays skin icon graphics in Brawler Menu (iOS only issue)
  • Fixed an issue in Map Maker where a fully red level area was displayed after pressing Clear All and attempting to save the map (iOS only issue)

  • Fixed Server Error 43 when Carl died mid-air while flying with the Flying Hook Gadget
  • Fixed Brawl TV sometimes selecting Training Room battles to be featured
  • Fixed an issue which caused EMZ's Super ability to deal less damage than intended
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Play Again to be offered correctly in consecutive battles
  • Added Quests for Present Plunder