Release Notes

Sep 16, 2020

Optional Update!

Optional Update

Keep an eye out! An Optional Update will be released over the next couple days with the following fixes:

  • Fixed layout issues in the Quests screen when the Season was about to end
  • Fixed an issue in the battle end screen where certain player names casted a shadow underneath the golden Star Player plaque
  • Fixed some layout issues in the battle end screen
  • Fixed an issue which prevented displaying the battle end screen when playing Solo Showdown
  • Fixed an issue which prevented claiming the last Season 1 reward from the free track in Brawl Pass
  • Fixed missing edge of screen HUD indicators in Brawl Ball, Duo Showdown and PvE modes
  • Fixed missing Lance for Mecha Paladin Surge
  • Fixed incorrect Surge face texture
  • Fixed "???" player name display issues in Showdown