Release Notes

Aug 25, 2021

#onceuponabrawl - Release Notes!

Release notes + Bug fix notes!

Optional Update - Now available in App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)!

Here are the fixes:

  • Added trophy thresholds for club player filtering up until 35000
  • Fixed trophies and Power League rank persisting for offline players in team-up view
  • Fixed Ninja Ash’s Kimono
  • Fixed redundant green "!" visible for level 9+ brawlers in brawler selection
  • Fixed weird behavior while spectating a someone
  • Fixed the thumbs down Pin to be consistent with all the other pins
  • Removed redundant chromatic Brawler localization
  • Prevent Showdown+ losses to show minus trophies if you have 0 trophies and get defeated (visual fix)
  • Fixed online teams menu being slightly stretched
  • Fixed a few Pins being weird (Buzz and Penny)
  • Fixed certain special character name displays on android
  • Fixed refreshing of player profile pictures in chat
  • Fixed some FPS issues on Android devices
  • Fixed Tara and Iris Tara eyelids being flipped

Also aiming for maintenance next week! Here are the fixes coming with the maintenance.

  • Fixed Brawl Ball exploding and scoring when touching spikes (the tiles, not the Brawler)
  • Fixed Brawlers not being able to jump over spikes

New Chromatic Brawler - Ash

Ash is a grumpy cleaner at the Castle Courtyard and due to the amount of garbage and rats he finds out there, he needs to protect himself with an improvised armor which is an actual trash bin!

  • Main Attack
    • Clean-Up: Ash angrily smashes down with his broom creating a shockwave that can hit multiple targets
  • Super Ability
    • Little Helpers: Robotic R.A.T.S. come to help Ash! They follow the nearest enemy and explode on contact!
  • Gadget
    • Chill Pill: Ash uses his Rage and heals proportionally to the amount of rage accumulated
  • Star Power #1
    • First Bash: When attacking with full ammo, increases the rage gain by 100% for that attack
  • Star Power #2
    • Mad as Heck - Rage now increases reload speed, up to 30%
  • Passive - Rage
    • Ash has a Rage Bar that can get charged when he hits a Brawler or receives damage. The higher his Rage is the faster and stronger he gets. It depletes over time.

New Skins & Visual Improvements

  • Wizard Byron - Power League Skin - Unlockable at 30 Power League wins - 25.000 Star Points
  • Ninja Ash - Brawl Pass tier 70
  • Princess Shelly - Brawl Pass tier 1
  • Unicorn Knight Barley - 79 Gems
  • Ruby Prince Sprout - 79 Gems
  • Emerald Prince Sprout - 79 Gems
  • El Dragón Verdoso - 149 Gems
  • El Dragón Rosado - 149 Gems
  • Evil Queen Pam - 299 Gems
  • Lunar Piper - 149 Gems
  • Handsome Colt - 49 Gems
  • True Gold/Silver Bo, Gale, Nani, Bea, Sandy

VFX reworks

  • Frank
    • Default Frank
    • DJ Frank
  • Piper
    • Calavera Piper


  • Animated Pins
    • Squeak
    • Mega Box Darryl
    • Ash
    • Clap Pins
    • Buzz
    • Griff

New Pins

    • Brawl Esports 2021
    • Exclusive Pins for El Dragón and Prince Sprout skins (once you buy one of the skins, you get a pin offer for free in the Shop)

Seasonal Events

  • Brawl Pass Season 8 - Once Upon a Brawl
    • Loading Screen
    • Main Menu Background
    • Main Menu Music
    • New Environment - Castle Courtyard
  • Lunar event
    • Main menu Background

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes

General changes

  • Added Showdown+
    • Normal Solo Showdown but defeating a Brawler gives you +1 Trophy for each Brawler. Being defeated gives you -1 Trophy.
    • Showdown+ is available on its own game slot and follows the same maps as normal Showdown.
  • Added animated banners for certain game modes
  • Hot Zone Maps
    • Removed Time Warp, Iron Cables, Sabotage Strip
    • Added Open Business, Controller Chaos, Breakout Brawl
  • Bounty Maps
    • Removed Flanking Maneuver, Storm Attack
    • Added Excel, Hideout
  • Brawl Ball Maps
    • Removed Side Strike, Wavedash, Retina
    • Added Center Field, Slalom Slam, Power Shot
  • Heist Maps
    • Removed Spring Onions, Bandit Hook, Cover Crowd
    • Added G.G. Mortuary, Bridge Too Far, Beachcombers
  • Gem Grab Maps
    • Removed Gem Bash, Stardust Storm, Twisted Torpedo
    • Added Four Squared, Rustic Arcade, Diamond Dust
  • Siege Maps
    • Removed Power Washer, Rust Belt
    • Added Junk Park, Mecha Match
  • Showdown Maps
    • Removed Stormy Plains
    • Added Cavern Churn
  • Knockout Maps
    • No changes

Power League

  • Decreased the size of the map pool from 4 to 3 maps/mode
  • Removed Siege from rotation for Power League Season 3
  • New Map rotation:
    • Hot Zone: Dueling Beetles, Ring of Fire, Parallel Plays
    • Bounty: Hideout, Dry Season, Layer Cake
    • Brawl Ball: Super Stadium, Pinball Dreams, Backyard Bowl
    • Heist: Hot Potato, Pit Stop, Bridge Too Far
    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Crystal Arcade, Undermine
    • Siege: -
    • Knockout: -

UI/Menu changes

Friends List

  • Show highest PL rank in friends list


  • Improved chat UI and UX
  • Added tabs, team code, and simplified predefined message sending

Team Up

  • Improved UI and UX for discovering, inviting, and accepting invites to teams


  • Added 3 more skins to archive: Hot Rod Brock, Mascot Darryl, and Viking Bull

Brawler Balance

Balance changes can be a very tricky topic, as it involves numerous variables and multiple ways to tackle it. Even inside our team there are different opinions and discussions around balance changes. That’s why, from this update and on, we’ll be sharing the rationale we follow to come up with these new values and changes. First of all, we would like to explain what we mainly consider when balancing Brawl Stars:

  • Use rate - Most of the players play to win, so outliers usually tell us if a Brawler is too strong (used a lot) or too weak (not used that much).
  • First pick rate (in Power League) - Similar to the item above, the stronger the Brawler, the higher their chances to be the first Pick (of course maps and game modes are taken into account here as well).
  • Ban Rate - More importantly than pick rate, a high Ban Rate means that the Brawler is either annoying to play against (hey, Tick) or really strong.
  • Gadgets and Star Powers use rate - ideally, we try to keep the use rate of different Gadgets or Star Powers at 50%, so if a Gadget or Star Power is used 90% of the time, it also indicates a possible problem with the Brawler balance.
  • Above 750 Trophies - For us, looking at the meta below this trophy range is a bit chaotic, since there are a large number of casual players involved. While Shelly can be a deadly Brawler to someone new, it’s a very rare pick for the pros (in this current meta), so looking above that trophy threshold tends to provide us more reliable data. This being said, we won’t ignore if a Brawler wreaks havoc in lower trophy ranges.
  • The current meta and the competitive scene - The Pro players are better than us at playing the game, so we can learn a lot by seeing them play. If the pick rate of a certain Brawler is high in competitive play, it’s a very reliable indication that the Brawler needs to be changed. We always aim for a versatile and diverse Meta.
  • Content Creators and Pro Players suggestions - After we have the first draft of the balance changes, we always share with a group of people who share their thoughts and feedback about it. Usually we are pretty much on the same page, but we always try to adjust whenever there is feedback.
  • Community Feedback: We also look at trends in the community. Usually the strongest and weakest Brawlers are always “trending” around Brawl discussions. So please, share your thoughts if you have some!
  • Game Modes & Maps: We do not aim to make Brawlers viable everywhere and we ultimately believe that it’s part of the game to figure out which Brawler works the best in a specific Game Mode or Map. Since Maps change regularly, typically the meta can also change and evolve even if we don’t make significant changes to Brawlers. The map pool for Power League takes the diversity of Brawler choices into consideration and develops over time.
  • Belle
    • Star Power: “Positive Feedback“ Shield 25 → 20% (-20.00%)
    • Belle is one of the best long-range Brawlers in the game, and a big part of this is her durability thanks to her shield from the “Positive Feedback” Star Power. Tuning down the shield a little will allow better trades with Belle, and makes her more vulnerable once you do get up close.
  • Byron/Bibi
    • Heal over time gadgets can now be used at full health
    • Using a heal over time gadget at full health is a valid use case, and it made no sense to block it.
  • Bo
    • Increased main attack base damage 560 → 600 (+7.14%)
    • Following a necessary nerf to his Gadget (“Super Totem”) Bo saw an unsurprising reduction in playtime. To move away from centering his viability around Gadgets or Star Powers we’ve decided to give him a small buff in damage output for his main attack “Eagle-Eyed”, rewarding players who master his shot pattern.
  • Brock
    • Increased main attack base damage 1,180 → 1,300 (+10.16%)
    • Brock has been one of the weaker long-range Brawlers for a while due to his lower projectile speed and hard to hit attacks. Making his main attack more deadly will reward players who have mastered his rockets.
  • Darryl
    • Base Health 5,000 → 5,300 (+6.00%)
    • Darryl heavily relies on his mobility and his Star Power “Steel Hoops” for survivability and currently is one of the weakest heavyweights in the game. By increasing his health pool he will be somewhat more menacing and forces enemies to spend more time dealing with him when he rolls towards them.
  • Edgar
    • Self-heal 25% → 35% (+40.00%)
    • While it was our goal to make Edgar more fragile when played recklessly and prone to being taken down by concentrated bursts of damage, we likely went too far. Increasing his self-heal from successful attacks should make him a lot more viable now when he is using “Vault” to attack weakened targets or Brawlers without burst.
  • El Primo
    • The main attack now takes El Primo 16 hits to charge his Super. Previously it required 9 hits
    • After Tanks received the passive Trait to charge Supers from receiving damage, El Primo became the best and most played Tank option due to his ability to chain Super attacks. Given the fact that the change made him somewhat too oppressive, we’ve decided to address this by making it harder to chain Supers. El Primo players will now have to be more considerate when and how to engage and chaining Super attacks will become significantly more difficult.
  • Gene
    • Reduce main attack base damage 1,080 → 960 (-11.00%)
    • Gadget: “Lamp Blowout” now only heals when a brawler is hit with the knockback
    • Gadget: “Homing Missiles” Damage 800 → 1,000 (+25.00%)
    • Gene is widely used at higher Trophy Ranges, in Power League and in Esports. Reducing his burst potential should allow for more retaliation from most Brawlers and will require better coordination with other players in the team to deal with several other Brawlers. His Gadget “Lamp Blowout” will require players to be more considerate when using it and the homing missiles from “Vengeful Spirits” got a meaningful buff to make the Gadget a stronger alternative.
  • Mortis
    • Star Power: “Coiled Snake” is now a passive ability for Mortis, but charges slower (one extra second to charge) than the previous Star Power
      • The “Coiled Snake” Star Power was reworked - it reduces the time it takes for “Coiled Snake” to activate by 1.5 seconds (0.5 seconds faster than before)
    • Unfortunately “Coiled Snake” was the obvious choice for most Mortis players and it felt like an integral part of making him viable. This change will allow Mortis to be played more effectively in lower Power levels while the small buff provided by the new “Coiled Snake” will indirectly make up for the nerf due to the ammo change on respawn.
  • Nani
    • Gadget: “Return to Sender” now has a duration of 5 seconds
    • “Return to Sender” was too easy to use and was hard to counter. Limiting the duration to 5 seconds will force players to use it more reactively and situational. Given the right circumstances this gives skilled Nani players still the potential for impressive plays while providing opponents to avoid the damage if played pro-actively.
  • Penny
    • Base Health 3,200 → 3,400 (+6.25%)
    • Penny relies heavily on “Old Lobber” for area denial and overall effectiveness. We’ve increased her health pool a bit to provide more passive survivability and consequently allow her to be played more aggressively which means that she can bring her cannon into play earlier.
  • Poco
    • Star Power: “Screeching Solo” damage 800 → 1,000 (+25.00%)
    • Protective Tunes Immunity 1 second → 2 seconds (+100.00%)
    • The previous Super charge rate buff for Poco made him annoying to deal with. We are now focusing on his lesser used Star Power and Gadget to create viable alternatives without over-tuning his kit and making him too much of a nuisance.
  • Rico
    • Gadget: “Bouncy Castle” heal reduced from 300 → 250 (-16.6%)
    • “Bouncy Castle” improved Rico’s sustain a bit too much, essentially securing a full heal for each use even when used without much thought. Tuning it down slightly will mean more counterplay for his opponents while still allowing him to heal up when used in the right circumstances.
  • Sandy
    • Gadget: “Sweet dreams” incapacitate duration reduced 1.5 seconds → 1 second (-33.00%)
    • The utility provided by “Sweet Dreams” was too high, allowing Sandy to counter even his natural counters. Reducing the duration will still allow it to be a solid option, but no longer a must-pick.
  • Shelly
    • Gadget: “Clay Pigeons” reworked - Now has a duration of 5 seconds
    • “Clay Pigeons” was rarely used by players. Giving it a duration will reward players with solid aiming and at the same time provides Shelly with an opportunity to engage opponents in longer range combat - either to finish off low hitpoint Brawlers after engagements or to charge her Super faster than expected.
  • Squeak
    • Increased main attack projectile speed by 25%
    • Removed the “Big Blob” explosion delay
    • If Squeak hits the same target while another “Sticky Bomb” is stuck to the target, it explodes the previous bomb
    • Squeak had multiple problems which we tried to address with this change. He should now be able to hit targets more reliably and rewards players with moderate burst if they land their shots. The reduced delay for his “Big Blob” provides him more area denial and forces faster reaction from enemies.
  • Stu
    • Gadget: “Breakthrough” now requires a charged Super to activate and the damage per piece of debris was reduced from 500 → 200 (-60.00%)
    • Star Power: “Gaso-Heal” Heal reduced from 500 → 400 (-20.00%)
    • Stu has been one of the strongest and most versatile Brawlers for a while. His sustain and ability to win most matchups is unparalleled. His Gadget provided him additional Utility and made him much harder to deal with. Reducing the effectiveness of his “Breakthrough” Gadget and the sustain from “Gaso-Heal” should keep him better in check going forward, while not impacting players with lower Power levels.


  • Heist safe health increased by 25%
  • Changed tank’s Super charge trait to be based on a Brawler’s max Health so it equalizes the effectiveness of it at all Power levels
  • Added trophy thresholds for club player filtering up until 35,000 (This might be only available in an optional update after the update gets released)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Frank’s noise-canceling gadget could cause him to stay airborne after being knocked up by gales twister gadget
  • Fixed an issue where Stu’s wall break gadget could persist after dashing into a Gale’s twister
  • Fixed an issue where Stu wall break gadget could persist after use if used into a teleporter
  • Fixed an issue where the Super charging gadgets would not reset after a ball was kicked
  • Fixed an issue where Gale’s tornado gadget could make AI pathing break
  • Fixed symmetry on Canal Grande