Release Notes

Aug 10, 2022

New Update! - #DeepSeaBrawl Patch Notes

Maintenance 10/08

  • Fixing Club Quests rewards not being delivered to some players!

Maintenance 20/07

  • Fixed some issues related to Supercell ID. If you requested a login code yesterday (19/07), you might have to re-login to your account again

Maintenance 14/07

  • Fixed a server error after playing Duels and using Sprays
  • Fixed an occasional server error when using Otis' Super and his Gadget
  • Fixed players not being eligible for Club Quests when they should be

Maintenance 05/07

  • Fixed some server stability issues related to the old Brawl Pass auto claim feature.

Optional Update 05/07

Already available for Android and coming soon for iOS users.

  • Fixed occasional stutter when aiming the Super on some devices
  • Fixed sprays not being usable for specific Brawlers

Maintenance 30/06

- Fixed crashes in Minecart Madness

Penny balance change:
- Reduced Damage per coin after the main projectile splits to 75% of the total damage (was 100%)
- Reduced Turret attack speed by 1 second (2.5→3.5s)

- Fixed other minor visual/text issues

New Brawler: Otis

Otis is a mysterious creature who lives in the depths of Starr Park and expresses himself with his street art on any wall he sees!

  • Main Attack: Inky Art
    • Otis shoots a burst of ink drops from his spray gun arm.
  • Super: Silent Seabed
    • Otis throws his starfish buddy Cil at his enemies. If Cil hits the target, it prevents them from attacking, using Supers and Gadgets for a short while. The target can still move and have passive abilities.
  • Gadget 1: Dormant Star
    • The next starfish stays on the ground if an enemy is not hit, laying dormant until an enemy gets close.
  • Gadget 2: Splash
    • Otis's next attack shoots a giant ink ball that leaves a puddle, dealing 810 damage over time for 3,8 seconds.
  • Star Power 1: Stencil Glue
    • The starfish Cil holds on to their enemies for 33% longer
  • Star Power 2: Street Artist
    • Otis shoots 33% more ink drops.

Penny Rework

Penny has not only got a remodel but also a rework to her gameplay mechanics!

  • Balls of Fire become a passive ability.
  • Her Cannonballs show the place they will land a few seconds before landing.
  • Increased slightly the Cannonballs size.
  • Decreased slightly the Cannonballs projectile speed.
  • Increased her base HP.
  • Main Attack:
    • Slightly reduced the range.
    • Slightly increased the projectile speed.
  • Star Power 1: Heavy Coffers
    • Penny’s main attack spread in a wider cone after each hit.
  • Star Power 2: Master Blaster
    • Penny’s cannon deals 1000 damage and knocks back nearby enemies on landing.
  • Gadget 1:Salty Barrel
    • Penny drops a barrel of salt that blocks enemy projectiles. She can also use it to burst her own gold pouches with it.
  • Gadget 2: Trusty Spyglass
    • Penny’s cannon blasts at every visible enemy position within range.

New Season! - The #DeepSeaBrawl

New Skins

  • Sharktooth Colt (Brawl Pass - Tier 1)
  • OctoFang
  • Coral Belle
  • Postal Brock (Power League)
  • PharaOtis (Brawl Pass - Tier 70)
  • DJ 3.M.Z - concept by BouncyDuck (Supercell Make Skin)

BT21 x Brawl

  • Edgar Tata
  • Ruffs Chimmy
  • Bibi RJ
  • Sandy Koya
  • Jacky Cooky
  • Bull Mang
  • Tick Shooky

True Silver/Gold

  • Fang
  • Bonnie
  • Janet
  • Grom
  • Eve
  • Penny

New Pins


  • Otis (x9)
  • Pharaotis (x9)
  • Special Pins for Barley, Gene, Rosa, Bo, Bea, Shelly, Dynamike, El Primo, Piper (x9)
  • Clash of Clan anniversary (x1)
  • Hay Day Anniversary (x1)
  • BT21 skins (x7)
  • Penny Remodel (x9)
  • Deep Sea Skins (x3)

Sprays: Pricing Changes

Based on community feedback Sprays are now a lot cheaper!

  • Regular Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 50 Gems
  • Premium Sprays (usable by all Brawlers) 29 Gems | Down from 60 Gems
  • Regular Sprays (Brawler specific) 19 Gems | Down from 50 Gems

Players who purchased Sprays will be compensated Gems once the update goes live. Reimbursements can be claimed from the in-game shop (i.e. "free" Gem Offers) for 30 days following the update.

New Sprays

  • Brawler-specific - Rosa, Barley, Poco, El Primo, Darryl, Carl, Rico, Jacky, Penny (x9)
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary Challenge (x1)
  • Brawl Pass (x2)
  • Various Challenges (x12)
  • BT21 skins (x7)

New Profile Icons

  • Power League icons (x2)
  • BT21skins (x7)
  • Bad Randoms (x1)
  • Deep Sea Brawl (x1)
  • Pirate Flag (x1)

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

New Seasonal Game Mode: Hunters (10 players)

  • This mode combines Wipeout rules with Showdown maps!
  • There’s no Showdown Gas, Bounty, or Power-Cubes.
  • Players respawn after being taken down.
  • Takedowns needed to win: 6

7 New Maps:

  • Trials and Tribulations
  • Hunting Season
  • The Prey
  • Quick and Restless
  • Deliverance
  • True Trail
  • Omega

Mystery Game Mode slot (for events)

  • It’s a Game Mode slot that randomizes a game mode and a modifier.
  • Those Game Modes and Modifiers are pre-selected by the Brawl Stars team.

Added Announcer VFX for additional Game Modes (like in Wipeout):

  • Brawl Ball
  • Basket Brawl
  • Hunters

Map Pool Changes

  • Hot Zone
    • Temple of Boom (Removed)
    • Mosh Pit (Removed)
    • Trident (New - Added)
    • Imbalance (New - Added)
  • Knockout
    • New Perspective (Removed)
    • X Marks the Spot (Removed)
    • Hidden Enemy (Added)
    • Out in the Open (Added)
  • Gem Grab
    • Opposing Forts (Removed)
    • Sapphire Plains (Removed)
    • Glass Half Full (Added)
    • Duality (Added)
  • Brawl Ball
    • Well Cut (Removed)
    • Post Haste (Removed)
    • Double Jeopardy (Added)
    • Make it Bounce (Added)
  • Bounty
    • Overgrown Canyon (Removed)
    • Heat Wave (Removed)
    • Don't turn around (Added)
    • Side by Side (Added)
  • Heist
    • Can't Touch This (Removed)
    • Rolling Rumble (Removed)
    • River Banks (Added)
    • Treefecta (Added)
  • Showdown
    • Eggshell (Removed)
    • Grassy Gorge (Removed)
    • Boxed In (Added)
    • Zoomed Out (Added)

Power League/Club League Rotation

  • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Layer Cake
  • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Off the Line, Sneaky Fields
  • Gem Grab: Double Swoosh, Hardrock Mine, Minecart Madness
  • Heist: Safe Zone, Kaboom Canyon, River Banks
  • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Split
  • Knockout: Belle's Rock, Out in the Open (New), Goldarm Gulch

Map Environment Changes

  • Deep Sea (NEW - Added)
  • Darryl's Ship (Added)
  • The Velocirapids (Added)
  • Tara's Bazaar (Removed)
  • The Starr Force (Removed)


  • Bad Randoms
  • Penny
  • 3 Game Modes Challenges
  • The Most Difficult Challenge Ever
  • Clash of Clans Anniversary

Power League

Added Brawler suggestion:

  • Now players can see their teammate’s Brawlers and make a suggestion!

Club Games (Club League + Club Quests)

Club League

  • Club league now only counts the highest trophy contributions of 24 members
    • The other 6 members will still receive rewards based on the number of tickets used
  • Max trophy toggle will also only count 24 members
  • Increased Club Coin rewards for the top 3 Clubs in every Club league by 15%

Club Quests

  • Club League seasons now have a week break. During this break, players will play Club Quests
  • Each member of the club gets 3 quests to complete (An easy, a medium, and a hard one)
  • Completing a Quest earns Quest Points for the Club
    • The highest Quest Points earned, the more Club Coins as a reward.
    • The number of Club Coins you get for Club Quests is based on your Club League Rank
  • Playing with Club Mates gives you a Completion Bonus (so you can complete the Club Quests faster).

Balance Changes - Buffs


  • Projectile speed: 2600 → 3000


  • Base damage: 900→1100
  • Super damage: 1700→1600

Balance Changes - Nerfs


  • Reload speed: 1300 → 1600 ms per ammo Byron is a Brawler who’s a good option most of the time. Since the release, he was always in the Meta due to his versatility and power. This nerf should give him a warning, but shouldn’t prevent him from being a good pick.


  • Sandbag HP: 2000 → 1500 Ruffs could be really dangerous in the hands of a skillful player. Still, it’s quite hard to make the most of this Brawler so decided not to nerf him so hard.


  • Starpower - Happy Surprise: Now it only spawns a hatchling every 5 seconds instead of for every egg.
  • Eve Super charge decreased slightly Will it decrown the queen? Probably not, but let’s see.


  • Janet can no longer activate the Drop the Bass Gadget while flying. Felt really weird and sometimes really oppressive. Uncle Stu was proud, but everyone else was annoyed. And to be honest, felt more like a bug rather than part of her design.


  • Main attack damage reduced from 920 to 860 The sleepy boy was quite oppressive in narrow maps, so this should make all the Sandies around the world a bit less aggressive

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability on low-end devices
  • Auto-aim no longer takes airborne targets into account
  • Fixed some pins not being usable in club chat
  • Fixed a rare case where players could ban the same brawler in Power League
  • Fixed various sound issues



  • Deep Sea Brawl Theme
  • BT21 Theme
  • Bad Randoms Theme (including updated music)


  • Quest Rerolls increased from 1 to 2 without the Brawl Pass, and 3 to 5 with the Brawl Pass
  • Updated Brawler descriptions
    • Barley
    • Brock
    • Colt
    • Crow
    • Dynamike
    • Penny
    • Tara


  • Brawl Pass now is available in the Shop.
  • Added a shortcut to the Club Shop.