Release Notes

Jul 8, 2020

Maintenance + Optional Update Inbound!

Maintenance Changes
  • Difficulty level and balance adjustments for Super City Rampage
    • Normal difficulty level is now easier
    • Slows and stuns are now less effective against the Mega Monster
    • While enraged, Mega Monster is now immune to slows, stuns, and pushbacks
  • Fixed an issue in Super City Rampage which prevented the Mega Monster from correctly targeting buildings
  • Fixed a bug allowing Surge to activate his Super without spending the Super charge
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Darryl from using his Super to cross over water
  • Fixed an issue which caused the selected Special Pins to not be correctly persisted between game sessions
Optional Update!
  • Fixed an issue which caused an incorrect amount of Mega Boxes to be shown under the Brawl Pass content info button
  • Fixed an issue which caused claiming Power Points in Brawl Pass to open the first unclaimed reward on the track instead
  • Fixed an issue which caused automatic scrolling to the first unclaimed reward when opening bonus Big Boxes
  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect game modes to be suggested in a game room
  • Fixed an issue which caused incorrect Quest icons to be shown in the Game Mode selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where Brawler Quests were highlighted incorrectly when entering the Quest Log from the Game Mode Quest shortcut
  • Fixed an issue where tapping a Quest in the Quest Log tried to access unavailable game modes
  • Fixed an issue which prevented accessing video links in the maintenance view
  • Fixed an issue which closed Brawler Menu pop-ups when a game mode event rotated
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator count icon was overlapping with the Rampage game mode UI
  • Fixed an issue which caused True Silver and True Gold skins to display face animations after the Brawler victory animation
  • Fixed missing Leon victory animation in the battle end screen
  • Trophy progress bar is now shown for Brawlers who have the "NEW!" state visible in Brawler Menu after unlocking a new Gadget or Star Power
  • Added a check mark to Friends screen Facebook button when logged in
  • Upcoming PvE Quest no longer shows the progress indicator to better distinguish from active Quests
  • Minor localization text fixes