Release Notes

Jan 25, 2022

#Brawlidays, #Grom and #YearoftheTiger Patch Notes!

Maintenance 25/01

Balance Changes - Nerfs


  • Basic attack damage decreased from 1000 to 900
  • Gadget: Watchtower - HP decreased from 2000 to 1500. Duration 40→20 seconds
  • His super now charges after 6 hits instead of 5

Grom, simply, was too powerful. There are plenty of reasons, and in conjunction, they made him a great to amazing pick in most comps on most maps. Reducing Basic attack damage is an obvious one, as it reduces his burst and poke significantly. Reducing the timing and hp of his gadget means you can’t just pop it down and both win and control a lane, but rather choose more carefully when you want to utilize it, much like eg. Leon lollipop. Reducing the super charge is an attempt to allow for his natural counters to actually be able to counter him more effectively (eg. Mortis). Many times, you could charge your super very fast, hold it, and if you get jumped, simply auto-aim it and spam a few basics to one-shot most assassins. Should not be the case anymore.


  • Gadget: Bouncy Castle - 250 → 200 heal per bounce

Bouncy Castle is simply too much value, so we had to tune it down a little more.


  • Super charge takes 8 hits instead of 6

Meg had quite an easy time to cycle supers quite fast and could become quite oppressive due to mech uptime. Increasing the time between mechs should allow for players to punish Meg better in her weak form.
Much like the case of Mortis, Heavy Metal was not used nearly as much like its counterpart, which is something we’ve tried to address with the buff to the damage.


  • Star Power: Creepy harvest - Healing decreased from 1400 to 1000

His healing could get quite obnoxious under certain circumstances, so going in now has a higher risk attached to it.
Coiled snake was also significantly less popular than Creepy Harvest, and we hope that changing the power dynamic quite significantly will allow for Mortis players to choose a playstyle they prefer, rather than one choice being better most of the time.


  • Basic attack damage decreased from 580 to 540

Stu was in quite a healthy state, but a little bit overtuned at very high levels of play where his mobility and assassination really shines. Removing some damage makes him a little bit less potent and changes some key interactions that should bring him more in line where we’d want him to be.

Speed Gear

  • 15/20/25% → 10/15/20%

Simply too good in the situations where it shines. There is more we want to do for gears overall, but this was an obvious first step to take.

Balance Changes - Buffs


  • Increased his HP from 4800 to 5400

Our favorite (tr)ash knight has been seeing some hard times as of late. Usually, you’ll be able to fill your rage but be too low HP to actually utilize it. Adding some more HP will allow you to have more HP left once you do reach that critical amount of rage, and should allow for great Ash players to feel more effective.


  • Increased his maximum range from 22 to 25

Carl is perhaps THE MOST tricky brawler to balance in the game. As seasoned players might remember, he’s usually either close to the best or close to the worst brawler in the game, simply due to how his mechanics work.


  • Star Power: Coiled snake - He gains his longer dash 2 seconds faster instead of 1.5


  • Star Power: Heavy Metal damage increased from 1000 to 1500 dmg

Other fixes

  • Fixed El Tigro super VFX
  • Fixed LNY pin pack glitch

Maintenance 11/01

- Removed Golden Tickets.

Maintenance 04/01

  • Fixed issue with Duels where you could be matched up against bots in high ranks.
  • Grom’s super now charges his super 1% more. This is to avoid situations where the Super was 1 pixel away to be charged.
  • Friendly PL matches do not count for profile 3v3 wins anymore.

Maintenance + Optional update (Available for both iOS and Android)

  • Fixed duplicated brawlers in duels
  • Fixed PL friendly matches counting for profile 3v3 victories
  • Fixed bot's movement for Lola's clone and duels
  • Fixed a few bugs that reduced performance on certain devices (Note: this one will only be fixed after updating the game)

Maintenance + Optional Update (Android) 17/12

  • Fixed FPS drop issues when aiming.
    Note: the fix will only be in your game once updating the game, NOT after maintenance.
  • Fixed Edgar's eyes showing yellow.

Maintenance 16/12

Fixed some stability issues that were causing some players to get stuck in the game after the update.

Grom - Epic Brawler

Grom is a security guard in Starr Park who is best friends with his walkie-talkie! His biggest fears are kids and their ability to destroy stuff.

  • Main attack - Bud Go Boom!
    • Grom hurls Bud, his exploding walkie-talkie! The blast moves in the shape of a cross and deals damage to any enemy in its path
  • Super - Grom Bomb
    • Grom launches a massive bomb with Bud’s help. It has the same pattern as his main attack, but it’s longer, knocks back enemies, and destroys walls
  • Gadget - Watchtower
    • Grom ejects a Watchtower from his back that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area. It loses health over time
  • Star Power - Foot Patrol
    • When Grom’s super is fully charged, he gains 15% movement speed
  • Star Power - X Factor
    • The split from Grom’s main attack deals up to +30% more damage at max distance

Fang - Chromatic Brawler (Available in January)

Fang works at the local cinema in Starr Park but he’s also an aspiring actor himself … usually in low-budget martial art movies.

  • Main attack - Wu-Shoe
    • Fang unleashes a swift kick! If the kick misses the target, his shoe will fly off his foot!
  • Super - Sneak Ahead
    • Fang flies into a nasty kick that upon contact, can chain a further 3 consecutive kicks to nearby enemies
  • Gadget - Corn-Fu
    • Fang surrounds himself with corn kernels that deal 500 damage each
  • Star Power - Fresh Kicks
    • If Fang defeats an enemy with his super, it's instantly recharged
  • Star Power - Divine Soles
    • Reduce 500 damage from incoming hits once every 3 seconds. Max reduction 90% of the incoming damage

New Brawl Pass and Power League Season

  • Year of the Tiger

New Skins

  • Classic Dynamike (FREE during the Brawlidays giveaway)
  • El Corazón (Available around the Valetines Day)
  • Seasonal 2021 Brawlidays Skins
    • Ho Ho Ho Bo
    • Logmas Spike
    • Sleigher Griff
    • Gift Express Jacky
  • Year of the Tiger skins
    • El Tigro
    • Orochi Edgar
    • Sway Master Barley
    • Nian Nita (Power League)
    • Major Rosa (Brawl Pass tier 1)
    • Furious Fang (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • True Silver/gold
    • Jacky
    • Lou
    • Penny
    • Rosa

New Skin group - Pirates (available in 2022)

  • Corsair Colt
  • Pirate Poco
  • Captain Carl
  • Pirate Gene

New Pins


  • Grom
  • Fang
  • Brawlidays Pins
  • Brawlidays Skins Pins
  • Year of the Tiger General Pins

New Pins (Not-Animated)

  • Grom challenge
  • Valentines Day skins set (Primo, Lou, Piper, Poco)
  • Year of the Tiger Brawler Pins
  • Matcherino pin

Profile Icons

  • 2 new Year of the Tiger Profile Icons that can be unlocked in Power League

Balance changes


  • Darryl
    • Steel hoops SP is now baseline
    • New steel hoops: Darryl takes 25% less damage for 2 seconds after using his super Felt logical enough to add the damage reduction to his Super so both of his Star Powers could be useful.
  • El primo
    • Increased Super charge from main attack (16 to 12 hits) He has gone from overpicked to underpicked, now his Super charge rate is something in between.
  • Squeak
    • Increased main attack damage (1000 to 1080) His biggest weakness is his attack damage delay. He still has it, because it’s what makes him unique, but now he should cause more damage when hits someone.
  • Carl
    • Increased Super damage (420 to 500) Carl needs some love because their pickrates aren’t great. His super should now be deadlier but still requires the player to know when to use it.
  • Gale
    • Increased Super damage (240 to 420) Gale is really map-dependant and is most useful due to his Gadgets and Super, but still underpicked if compared to all other Brawlers. This isn’t a massive buff but should encourage more players to pick him.


  • Lola
    • Lola’s clone now if used next to herself, will only do 50% of the damage Her super when used on herself was just too easy to do for the benefit it gives. Now to make the most of her super, it requires some skill.
  • Tara
    • Gadget - Support from Beyond - reduced shadow hp to 800 (from 1000) Support from Beyond was being used a lot more than her other Gadget. This shouldn’t make such a difference in most of the interactions but would help Brawlers who struggle to eliminate all of them. Bea will still struggle though (we are sorry for that, Bea).
  • Sandy
    • Reduced Super charge rate (6 to 7 hits) Sandy’s Super is incredibly powerful and quite easy to charge and chain. This should make him less of an obvious pick in maps with lots of walls.


Grom Challenge!

  • Beat it to win Grom
  • 9 Wins in total
  • Rebuys cost 1 gem only

Year of the Tiger Challenge

  • Beat it to win an exclusive Pin
  • 9 wins
  • Retries for Gems

LAML - Latin America Master League Challenge

  • Beat it to win a Megabox!
  • 12 wins
  • Also the last time we’ll be having the LAML skins in the shop!


  • The Tiger Pit Arena! A retro fighting game environment

Game modes

  • Duels, the new 1v1 mode
    • Choose 3 distinct brawlers before the match
    • Each Brawler equals an extra chance
    • Eliminate all 3 Brawlers from your opponent to win the match
  • Friendly and API matches
    • You can now enable the Power League format in Friendly/API matches

Brawl Pass

  • Brawl Pass Seasons no longer last 10-weeks but will start on the first Monday of every other month
  • Brawl Pass Season 10 will be the "transition" Season, it starts January 17 (2022) and it will last 7-weeks!
  • Daily Quests now grant 200 Tokens (up from 100)
  • 4 Medium Quests (250 Tokens) were changed to Hard Quests (500 Tokens)
  • 6 Medium Brawl Pass Quests were changed to Hard Quests


  • Golden Tickets in Club League now costs 1 Gem or 1 Star Point. This is a momentary change as we are still working towards making it free (in an upcoming update towards Feb/Mar)
  • Added a welcome message when joining a Club
  • Various improvements to Club League screens
  • Removed FB login

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed support for 120 FPS on newer iPhones
  • Fixed gear effects for Squeak and Meg
  • Fixed Jacky doing 1 damage at the very edge of her attack
  • Fixed Speed Gear counteracting with Carl's Super
  • Fixed Squeak interaction with damage gear and AoE on his basic attack
  • Fixed Crow doing T-pose after attacking