Release Notes

Nov 3, 2021

Release Notes: Brawl-O-Ween & Brawlywood!

Maintenance 03/11

  • Fixed Max Supercharge not working in special game modes
  • Fixed not being able to try old Brawl-o-ween skins in the shop
  • Fixed Count Pengula animation in the shop
  • Fixed Count Pengula main attack SFX
  • Fixed Meg's face in-game

Optional Update 03/11 (Available soon)

  • Added Jessie's new portrait
  • Fixed Rico, Poco, and Mr.p Spawners having broken projectiles
  • Fixed being able to preview Lola in the Brawlers' screen
  • Fixed invisibility clock spinning fast during loading in the Brawl-o-ween event
  • Fixed Brawlywood map preview missing a tile
  • Fixed a missing texture in Castle Courtyard environment

New Brawler - Lola

Lola is a Brawlywood starr. She's extremely obsessed with herself and loves offering tour guides; any excuse is good enough to talk about her career! She has a fake fox scarf with diamond eyes and shoots sparkly stars that shine as much as her!

  • Chromatic Brawler
  • Main Attack - Diamond eyes
    • Lola fires a barrage of stars from her fake fox scarf in a narrow arc
  • Super Ability - Megalomaniac
    • Lola creates a clone of herself that mimics her attacks and movement (If Lola uses the Super again, it’ll replace her current duplicate)
  • Gadget - Freeze Frame
    • Lola's duplicate becomes immobile but gains a 75% shield for 4 seconds
  • Star Power - Improvisation
    • When Lola has only one ammo, her damage is increased by 30%
  • Star Power - Sealed with a Kiss
    • The projectiles of Lola's duplicate version heal 100 Health Points of a teammate (100 on each hit)

New Skins & Visual Improvements

New Skins

  • Rebel Lola (Brawl Pass Tier 70)
  • B-800 Bull (Brawl Pass Tier 1)
  • Director Buzz (Unlocked at 60 Power League Round wins - 25.000 Star Points)
  • Cat Burglar Jessie (Can be unlocked during the World Finals for free - more information coming in November before the Finals)
  • Captain Crow (79 Gems)
  • Squeakbuster Gale (149 Gems)
  • Kong Surge (79 Gems)
  • Headless Rider Stu (149 Gems)
  • Swamp Gene (79 Gems)
  • Count Pengula (79 Gems)
  • Ghost Squeak (49 Gems)
  • True Silver/Gold
    • Bibi, Carl, Amber, Colette and Dynamike


  • Jessie (including True Silver and True Gold Jessie, other skins coming soon!)

New and Animated Pins

  • Born Bad Buzz
  • Lola (and Chola)
  • Brawl-o-Ween Pins (Pumpkin, Calavera Piper, Witch Shelly, Brawl-o-Ween Rosa, Werewolf Leon, Ghost Squeak, Headless Rider Stu, Count Pengula)
  • Retropolis Pins (Hotrod Brock, Bakesale Barley, Roadrage Carl, Rockabilly Mortis, V8-Bit)

Seasonal Events

  • Brawl-o-Ween!

Game Modes / Event Rotation Changes / Challenges

  • Brawl-o-Ween modifier: Peek-a-Boo!
    • Brawlers turn invisible (Like Leon) every 7 seconds, for 7 seconds


  • Brawl-o-Ween
    • 9 wins, 4 lives - Exclusive Pin as a reward
  • Singles Day
    • 11 wins, 4 lives (and you can buy extra lives for 1 Gem!) - Exclusive Pin as a reward

Map Changes


  • Brawlywood map environment
  • Mortis’ Mortuary and Brawlywood map environment Brawl-o-Ween decorations


  • Bazaar environment

Power league

  • Changed icon requirement to 30 rounds (was 15 wins) and skin to 60 rounds (was 30 wins)
  • Map Rotation:
    • Gem Grab
      • Hard Rock Mine, Gem Fort, Minecart Madness
    • Bounty
      • Shooting Star, Layer Cake, Dry Season
    • Heist
      • Hot Potato, Pit Stop, Safe Zone
    • Hot Zone
      • Dueling Beetles, Ring of Fire, Split
    • Brawl Ball
      • Sneaky Fields, Sunny Soccer, Backyard Bowl

Balance Changes

  • Ash
    • First Bash - Now increases rage gained from the attack by 200% (previously it was 100%)
    • Reduced rage gained from taking damage. Full rage now requires 125% of max HP taken (previously it was 75%)

Ash has been in a pretty decent place overall, however, the reward from hitting enemies versus taking damage has been a bit off. Mad as Heck has also been outperforming First Bash significantly, so giving it a buff while tuning down overall rage gain from damage means the trash knight has to hit more attacks to get really angry.

  • Frank
    • Irresistible Attraction now doubles the damage of the attack along with pulling enemies in
    • Noise-canceling now gives immunity to El Primo suplex gadget

Noise-canceling is a great gadget, except against El Primo’s Suplex. We fixed that for consistency, resulting in a small buff. El Primo didn’t like this change.

Irresistible Attraction has been the less popular choice across the board. We hope giving it some burst to go along with the pull will make this a viable option.

  • Griff
    • Business resilience - Increased heal to 10% of missing health (up from 7%)

Griff’s Business Resilience has largely been out of business (hehe) in comparison to Keep the Change. Good Griff players should now be able to constantly pressure their opponents better thanks to an increased amount of healing which was the original intention.

  • Meg
    • Meg now gets 33% amount of ammo when her mech is destroyed (up from 0)

Giving Meg a little bit of ammo when her mech is destroyed allows her to fight back and finish off low health opponents and will make the transition feel significantly better.

  • Jacky
    • Increased base hp to 5000 (was 4600)
    • Increased Super charge rate to charge in 4 hits (was 5)
    • Removed Shield from Super activation

Jacky is in a good place after the most recent round of changes. We wanted to remove a remnant of her old super in the shield and compensate by giving her back her previous health. Her super also now charges in 4 hits as it did before the nerf for consistency.

  • Mortis
    • Reduced Creepy Harvest heal by 400 (1800->1400)

Mortis rework was overall a massive success and provided playability on all ranges without the need for a Star Power. As a result, though, his creepy harvest has been a bit too... creepy, so we toned it down in the hope that the reworked Coiled Snake could become more of an attractive choice.

  • Brock
    • Reduced main attack projectile speed by 11%

After letting the dust settle, it's clear that Brock's new more explosive rockets are very effective. Tuning down the projectile speed a little should allow for more opportunities to avoid the splash, and also rewards better aiming for seasoned Brock players.

  • Leon
    • Lollipop Drop - Health now decays over a 20-second duration

Leon has risen in popularity largely due to his lollipop providing massive utility. While it can be countered decently by throwers, it had the same issue as Bo’s Totem which in certain matches and comps, was providing too much value.

Giving it decaying health (exactly like the current Bo’s Totem) means Leon players have to be more careful of when and where to use it.


  • Now it’s possible to see during the match if a player owns a Gadget. It’s visible under the Brawler, on the same circle the Star Power is shown
  • Club capacity for Clubs created in this update is reduced from 100 to 30 members. Clubs that currently have more than 30 members won’t be resized in this update, but in the one in November
  • A new way to watch the World Finals and win rewards > More information in November!

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent Mortis from passing walls in rare cases when the bushes are destroyed next to walls
  • Fixed Buzz Super getting stuck in a loop
  • Fixed Meg being able to reuse a teleport after changing forms
  • Fixed Sprout Super being able to remove spike tiles
  • Fixed Squeak Star Power not activating if Squeak was defeated before it was triggered
  • Fixed a rare case where speed up buff visual effect could stay on for too long