Release Notes

Apr 15, 2019

Balance Changes!

Character Balance & Bug Fixes!


  • Increased main attack damage from 280 to 300
  • Increased super damage from 280 to 300
  • Increased poison damage per second from 70 to 75


  • Increased boomerang speed by 25%
  • Increased Super duration from 2.5 sec to 3.0 sec
  • Stuns, pushbacks and pulls now interrupt Carl's Super ability
  • Fixed a bug causing Carl to not reload when the boomerang returned
  • Carl no longer has a reload animation when he spawns
  • Carl's Pickaxe now returns even if Carl dies when the Pickaxe is flying towards the target


  • Increased health from 4000 to 4200


  • Increased main attack range from 7.33 tiles to 7.67 tiles
  • Increased main attack projectile speed by 5%


  • Increased the number of Bombs dropped from Super from 3 to 4
  • Increased Super Bomb damage from 800 to 900
  • Bombs now spread on a little bit larger area (+10% diameter)


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Gene to pull the Robot boss so that it got stuck in Boss Fight
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gene’s pull to stick enemies inside walls when pulling close to an indestructible wall
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow Gene to pull enemies with his Magic Hand while being poisoned by a lvl 10 Crow
  • When a pulled enemy dies during the pull the hand no longer destroys the environment
  • When Gene is pulling a target with his Magic Hand he cannot be pulled by another Gene
  • Quickfire now takes into account the added range from the projectile splitting


  • Decreased main attack damage from 260 to 240
  • Decreased health from 4400 to 4300
  • When Nita and her Bear and Pam attack Pam’s Healing Stations they now receive the star power healing effect


  • Decreased Super Invisibility time from 8.0 sec to 7.0 sec


  • Quickfire now takes into account the added range from the projectile splitting


  • Increased Super healing from 1840 to 2100