Apr 9, 2022

Brawl Stars Championship 2022 - All you need to know!

Brawl Stars Championship 2022 starts soon!

With our first BSC season starting THIS WEEK, get comfy as we tell you about all the fantastic things to look forward to this year!


The first Championship Challenge happens exceptionally Thursday-Saturday this week - don’t miss it! For the rest of the year, the Challenge will revert to the regular Friday-Sunday schedule. Get those 15 wins to open up the Monthly Qualifiers!


Monthly Qualifiers will now be Double Elimination and both these and Monthly Finals will use the pick/ban Power Match format known from Club- and Power League.

We’ve increased and broadened the prize pool for our Monthly Finals, meaning all 8 teams from each MF will now be eligible for prizes, which was only true for top 4 in 2021 for most regions. The total prize pool for the entire year of BSC will be nearly $2 Million!

Practise your Knockout skills - it has replaced Siege in our competitive map pool - visualized here by Teddie. Follow @brawl_esports to keep an eye on ongoing changes to the pool throughout the year.

We’ve updated our World Finals allocation, with more regional spots going to NA & LATAM N as well as EECA! Full details about this and everything else in our 2022 ruleset.


Catch the Monthly Finals on our event site starting March 5 to earn pins inspired by our 2022 trailer. A new pin will unlock for viewers each month!


Those of you who missed the Catburglar Jessie skin or the 2021 World Finals pins will have a chance to purchase these from the shop on March 4-6.

You will also be able to pick up the elusive Red Foam Finger pin for free!

Check out these roster changes with well known players!


In June, we will host a Mid-Season Invitational for 8 teams. The best team from each region will compete at this in-person event for cash and glory! (no championship points on the line)


We have more good stuff lined up for this year so stay tuned…