Apr 9, 2021

Maintenance and Optional Update fixes!


Optional Update (They are going to be available later today for Android and iOS).

  • Fixed resolution issues on certain Android devices
  • Fixed a SCID related crash if the player had over 50 in-game friends
  • Fixed a crash that happened upon reconnecting to the game
  • Fixed a crash issue related to Power League Season-ending while playing in Team mode
  • Fixed graphical issues with Belle and Rosa
  • Fixed an issue where Barley’s aiming indicator was glitching during aiming
  • Fixed an issue in Knockout where Brawler lose animations were played at each Round end despite the outcome
  • Fixed an issue with the Replay time skip controls being obstructed on certain Android devices

Fixes made during maintenance:

  • Fixed an issue with Knockout matches lasting up to 13 minutes if the first two Rounds ended in a draw
  • Fixed an issue where Rank decay was happening for players outside the top 500 global range