Game Updates

May 13, 2020

UPDATE: Tara's Bazaar

Tara's Bazaar has Arrived!

The first Brawl Pass season has arrived! Welcome to Tara's Bazaar!

New Brawler - Gale! Chromatic Brawler
  • Main Attack: Polar Vortex - Gale blows a wide array of wind and snow at his enemies
  • Super Ability: Gale Force - Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind, pushing back all enemies caught in its path
  • Gadget: Spring Ejector - Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air
  • Star Power: Blustery Blow - Super now stuns when enemies are pushed against a wall
  • Star Power: Second Wind - Speed boost to friendly Brawlers caught in the path of his Super
New Skins!
  • Barbarian King Bull - Supercell’s 10th Anniversary!
  • Trader Gale - Brawl Pass exclusive!
  • Rogue Mortis - 150 Gems
  • Tropical Sprout - 30 Gems
  • Guard Rico - 150 Gems
Brawl Pass!

Chromatic - New Rarity!

  • Chromatic Brawlers start at Legendary Rarity drop rate in boxes, but the drop rate improves with each ending Brawl Pass Season until Epic Rarity level
  • Chromatic Brawlers can be acquired as a drop from Brawl Boxes or by purchasing the Brawl Pass


  • Multiple different quests are available to progress in the pass. Quests unlock at 300 Trophies from the Trophy Road.
  • Token requirements to reach next tier increase at certain intervals while going up in the tiers
  • Quest rewards
    • Small 100 tokens, Medium 200 tokens, Large 500 tokens
    • Brawl Pass Quests 200 or 500 tokens
  • Quest generation
    • Two small quests are generated daily and last for 24 hours. Additional Medium and Large quests are generated on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Brawl Pass exclusive quests.
  • After all the pass rewards have been claimed, players can still keep playing for additional boxes
  • Any uncollected rewards from previous Seasons can still be collected
  • Collectible Pins (emotes) have been added to the game. They can be currently used in the game room chat. We will add support for emotes in battles with a later update.
  • Collecting Emotes: Players can only receive emotes for a Brawler that they own.
  • Pin Rarities: Common Pins: Sad, Happy and Angry Emotes, Rare Pins: GG and Thanks Emotes, Epic Pins: Special Emotes
Hot Zone is back! (temporarily!)
  • Hold an area to hoist the flag, progress is shown visually on the screen and also in the top UI as percentage
  • Both teams can capture the same area simultaneously without blocking each other
  • Game ends when one team has hoisted all the flags available in the map
Economy Changes
  • All uncollected Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes have been moved to Brawl Pass
  • Tickets have been converted to Gems with 0.1 Gems awarded per 1 Ticket (rounded up).
  • Star Tokens have been removed
  • Gems have been removed from Brawl Boxes and placed on the pass
  • Ticket Reward has been changed to Big Box in the Trophy Road
Game Modes & Event Rotation Changes
  • New Bounty, Heist and Siege maps have been added
  • More maps in rotation

Ticketed game modes!

  • Ticketed modes are now free to play and new quests are generated for them when the game mode becomes available
  • Boss fight: 5 Quests available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest.
  • Robo Rumble: Now has a maximum timer of 2 minutes that the players must survive in order to win. 5 Quests are available for beating the first 5 difficulty levels and 100 Token reward for each Quest
  • Big Game: Boss wins if they survive the 2 minute timer. Boss health has been adjusted for the new time. 100 Token Quest rewards for first 5 victories
  • Various UI improvements
  • New Brawler defeat effects
  • In profiles, Robo Rumble highest time has been replaced with highest beaten level


  • Dark Bunny Penny VFX
  • Dumpling Darryl rework
  • Pam rework
  • Darryl VO
The Archive

In the future, some selected skins will be removed from the shop rotation. They will be resurfaced about 1-2 times per year. Selected skins have a new icon to signify this change.

  • Skins which will move to the Archive:
    • Rockabilly Mortis
    • Touchdown Bull
    • Spicy Mike
    • Boombox Brock
    • Caveman Frank
Bug Fixes
  • Showdown: Fixed a crash when multiple Dynamikes activated Fidget Spinner at the same time in a Friendly Room battle
  • Showdown: Jacky's Super charge rate no longer increases after collecting Power Cubes
  • Spike: Popping Pincushion is no longer affected by Curveball
  • Crow: Extra Toxic Star Power now correctly affects Jacky
  • Fixed a pathfinding bug when Shelly destroyed a wall she was dashing into
  • Turrets are now also pushed out of Sprout’s walls
Brawler Balance
  • 8-BIT - Cheat Cartridge no longer destroys Damage Booster upon activation
  • Barley - Sticky Syrup Mixer slow area increased by 25%. Slow area duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. Super bottle pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Bea - Honey Pot slow area increased by 20%. Honey pot is now always dropped above Bea and not below to her make it easier to position against a wall.
  • Carl - Increased Super damage from 360 to 420 per swing
  • Mortis - Activating Combo Spinner no longer stops Mortis from moving
  • Darryl - Activating Recoiling Rotator no longer stops Darryl from moving. Recoiling Rotator now deals less damage per pellet but charges 25% of Super with each pellet hit.
  • Dynamike - Activating Fidget Spinner no longer stops Dynamike from moving
  • Piper - Auto Aimer now shoots a single bullet that slows and pushes back the first enemy hit
  • Sandy - Increased Main Attack damage from 840 to 920
  • Bibi - Decreased Health from 4200 to 4000
  • Sprout - Decreased Main Attack damage from 1000 to 940
  • Bo - Super Mine deployment pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Brock - Super rocket pattern is now fixed instead of random
  • Tick - Main Attack pattern is now correctly mirrored for both teams
  • Emz - Hype healing per enemy hit decreased from 400 to 320
  • Nita - Decreased Bear Paws charges from 3 to 2
  • IKE - Increased health from 30,000 to 35,000 hp