Game Updates

Dec 7, 2018

Dec Bug Fix Update!

  • Leon is revealed from invisibility while staying within a 4 tile radius from enemies
  • Leon now has a reveal indicator during invisibility when he is within a 4 tile radius from enemies (also Pets, Turrets and NPC robots) or when carrying Brawl Ball

  • Changed Bandit Stash so that throwers cannot reach the Safe with their main attack
Main Screen

Event selected animation added

Social Screen
  • Generate code no longer closes social screen
  • Improved social button for better visibility on new messages

  • Added filtering for the "+" button to filter out people who would not be available for invite

  • Better visibility on who has been invited to the current team

  • Join renamed to "Ask to Join" to better represent the functionality

Trophy Road
  • Added shortcut buttons to pan the screen to player profile info and to current reward
  • Added Pets/Turrets back to Trophy Track Brawler Rewards

  • Fixed XP Level 35 pack by adding more Megaboxes to the offer

  • Improved free Power Points, Coins and Token Doubler rewards in the shop

Game Rooms
  • Removed Brawler select sound from Friendly Game Rooms (to prevent opposite side knowing which Brawlers the other team picked)
  • Friendly game room owner can now invite more than 2 people simultaneously

  • Friendly game room status updates correctly when changing game modes

  • Players can now access team chat while in ready state

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed performance issue with grass tiles (especially affected Snake Prairie)
  • Fixed black screen issue when responding to team invitations

  • Fixed crash on Android OS 9.0 when transitioning between game screens

  • Fixed crash on Android when closing the game from exit prompt

  • Fixed crash while opening Brawl Boxes

  • Fixed crash on end game screen with Arabic language

  • Fixed Darryl's Super button flashing constantly when full

  • Fixed Frank's missing attack effect from main attack and Super

  • Adjusted respawn timer countdown to take into account the spawning delay in Duo Showdown

  • Added Share Club Invite button back to Club screen

  • Minimum Android version required is now 4.3

  • Small text changes and improvements

  • Small UI changes and improvements

  • You can now access the event information from the main screen